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095 ## $aPTBN00797441
100 ## $a19960222f18161817k y0pory0103 ba
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200 1# $aShakspeare's dramatic songs$bMúsica impressa]$econsisting of all the songs, duets, trios and chorusses in character, as introduced by him in his various dramas$ethe music partly new & partly selected with new symphonies and accompaniments for piano forte$fby W m. Linley Esq.r$gfrom the works of Purcell... [et al.]
210 ## $aLondon$cPreston,$d[ca 1816]
215 ## $a2 v.$d33 cm
327 1# $aV. 1: The Tempest: "Come unto these yellow sands"/ Purcell; "Full fathom five"/ Purcell; "While you here do snoring lie"/ Thomas Linley Junior; "No more dams"/ John Smith; "Ere you can say"/ Thomas Linley Junior; "Honour, riches"/ Linley; "Where the bee sucks"/ Arne; The two gentlemen of Verona: "Who is Silvia"/ Linley; Twelfth night: "O mistress mine"/ Linley; "Come away, Death"/ Linley; "When that i was"/ Fielding; Measure for measure: "Take, oh! take those lips"/ W. Linley; Much ado about nothing: "Sigh no more"/ Linley; "Pardon, Goddess"/ Linley; Midsummer night's dream: "Ye spotted snakes"/ I. S. Stevens; "Now the hungry lion roars"/ W. Linley; "Hand in hand"/ Cooke; Love's labour's lost: "When daisies pied"/ Arne; Merchant of Venice: "Tell me where is fancy etc."/ W. Linley$aV. 2: As you like it: "Under the Greenwood Tree"/ Arne; "Who doth ambition shun"/ W. Linley; "Blow blow thou winter wind"/ Arne & Linley; "What shall he have that kill'd the deer"/ I. S. Smith; "It was a lover and his lass"/ W. Linley; "Wedding is great Juno's crown"/ Linley; Alls well that ends well: "Was this fair face"/ Linley; Winter's tale: "When daffodils begin to peer"/ Boyce; "Lawn as white as driv'n snow"/ W. Linley; "Will you buy any tape"/ Boyce; "Get you hence for i must go"/ Boyce; King Henry 8th: "Orpheus with his lute" & "Sad and solemn music" / W. Linley; Anthony & Cleopatra: "Come thou moinarch of thr vine / Linley; King Lear: "Fools had ne'er less grace / Linley; Hamlet: "How should I" & "Good morrow 'tis" / Old Melody; "They bore him bare faced" / Linley; "And will he not come again" / Old Melody; Cymbeline: "Hark the Lark at Heaven's gate sings" / Cooke; "Fear no more the heat of the sun" / Nares & W. Linley; Othelo: "And let me the canakin clink" & "The pour soul sat sighing" / W. Linley$aThe Music in Macbeth / arr. Samuel Wesley
500 10 $aCanções,$rVV e pf
606 ## $aCanções$j[Música impressa]$2SIPOR$31284980
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700 #1 $aLinley,$bWilliam,$f1771-1835$3206285
701 #1 $aPurcell,$bHenry,$f1659-1695$4070$3206635
701 #0 $aFielding$4070$3175059
701 #1 $aBoyce,$bWilliam,$f1711-1779$4070$3206666
701 #1 $aNares,$bJames,$f1715-1783$4070$3206706
701 #1 $aArne,$bThomas Augustine,$f1710-1778$4070$3206661
701 #1 $aCooke,$bMatthew,$f1761-1829$4070$3206688
701 #1 $aSmith,$bJohn Christopher,$f1712-1795$4070$3206713
701 #1 $aSmith,$bJohn Stafford,$f1750-1836$4070$3207050
701 #1 $aLinley Junior,$bThomas,$f1756-1778$4070$3206640
701 #1 $aStevens,$bRichard John Samuel,$f1757-1837$4070$3207053
702 #1 $aShakespeare,$bWilliam,$f1564-1616$4520$320282
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